Fundamental Equity Analysis. Done for you.

We've already done the number-crunching, so you don't have to. Our Dashboards transform deep-dive, forward-looking, fundamental analysis into nuanced, actionable insights on >7,000 global stocks & ETFs.

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Our dashboards enable you to maximize the chances of achieving your long-term return target by minimizing the chances of overpaying for stocks or ETFs.

“The greatest risk doesn’t come from low quality or high volatility. It comes from paying prices that are too high. This isn’t a theoretical risk; it’s very real.” - Howard Marks

Cut through the noise.

The deluge of opinions, stock tips, hot-takes, and dubious forecasts is mind-numbing. Our tools enable you (and us) to cut through the noise by breaking down stock prices into the most relevant valuation insights that quantify Rationality. We don't add to the noise. We are not in the stock tips business. We're in the Rationality business.

Do a Sanity Check.

Start with your long-term return goal. Can this stock or ETF get you there, realistically? Let our tools do the heavy lifting by bridging the gap between your target return and growth expectations of the business behind the stock(s). It starts by quantifying this: "what do we need to believe about the business to consider buying this stock?"

Do a Safety Check.

Most Equity Risk Management tools are backward-looking, short-term oriented, needlessly statistical, divorced from fundamentals and, therefore, unusable. We quantify the most pertinent risk: potential long-term capital loss by overpaying for the stock. This is inherently forward-looking, long-term, fundamentals-based, and actionable.

The Buycaster
Upside Viability of Stocks

The Buycaster keeps you rational. It minimizes the very real risk of overpaying for a stock. Punch in a stock ticker, set your long-term return target, and let the Buycaster take just seconds to compute an on overall Upside Viability Score. This rating is constructed by quantifying 1) revenue growth expectations we need to believe, 2) the level of believability, and 3) the risk of getting the thesis wrong. Our dashboard breaks it down for >7,000 stocks.

The Fundcaster
Upside Viability of ETFs

The Fundcaster helps you minimize the very real risk of buying ETFs that hurt your chances of achieving your long-term return target. Punch in an ETF ticker, set your desired return, and let the Fundcaster extract stock-level insights from the Buycaster and roll it up to the fund level. Our approach is: 1) based on deep fundamental analysis at the stock level that's 2) long-term and 3) forward-looking.

Custom Portfolio Analysis
Let us do the heavy lifting.

In this 1-on-1 service, we generate your custom portfolio report with forward-looking, actionable insights you need to future-proof your portfolio. These insights are rolled up from the Buycaster & Fundcaster to the portfolio level, so they're inherently fundamentals-based. We also provide personalized guidance on how to use our suite of tools, so you can keep your portfolio future-proof going forward.

What do investors just like you say?

"I absolutely love using the Buycaster for pinpointing prime opportunities in small cap stocks! With many smaller businesses often overlooked by analysts, the dynamic duo of the Buyscreener and the Buycaster is indispensable for my initial research. It's a game-changer!"

David R., CFA
Hedge Fund Manager, IA, USA

"Since 2018, The Buylyst gave me the highest rate of return across all my investments (comfortably beating branded index funds)."

Kishore I., PhD
AI/ML Engineer, NY, USA

"I can research tech stocks in minutes - my domain expertise helps, but the Buycaster gives me the peace of mind to hit the buy button."

Justin W.
Software Engineer, WA, USA

Meet the Buylyst team

We bring our experience from Wall Street to Main Street to help you achieve your return target with minimal stress.

Saurav Sen, CFA

Founder | Managing Partner

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Vishal Goenka

Chief Evangelist | Managing Partner

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Manab Sen

India Specialist | Managing Partner

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We built the Buycaster to reliably future-proof our portfolio.

Our research process is a tango between the subjective and the quantifiable. We use the Buycaster as our primary quantitative tool at 2 stages during our process, which saves us days (if not weeks).

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