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Published on 06/26/23 | The Buylyst Team | 1,186 Words

The BuyGist:

  • We provide world-class tools & insights.
  • Incentives are aligned.
  • We – real people, not robots – are here to help.
  • Yes, we know what we’re doing.
  • Low Value-at-Risk.

We provide world-class tools & insights.

We strive to build the best darn tools for long-term equity investors. Period. We don’t make excuses about being small or under-resourced or mass-market. We’ve built The Buycaster – our primary equity research tool – with the best insights we’ve collected over the past two decades. The Buycaster makes equity investing as stress-free as possible. And it will only get better with time.

We believe The Buycaster is the best valuation tool in the market. Punch in a ticker, a required return, and let the Buycaster parse through a company's financial statements to distill them down to actionable insights. The Buycaster covers >3,000 public companies, and is intuitively designed, so our members can evaluate any stock in a few minutes – better than a Wall Street pro. Think of it this way: our members have got a world class equity analyst at their disposal, 24/7, to dig into any stock they choose. They can get a nuanced opinion on any stock in seconds. This is a massive advantage over most investors.

The Buycaster’s insights spill over to our other tools – The Buyscreener and The Buychecker. Together, these 3 tools cover our members analytical needs comprehensively – bottom-up and top-down. That’s not all. Our members also see these tools in action in our Research & Analysis section, where they have full access to deep-dive investment theses that we do for our own Portfolio. Speakin’ of which….

Incentives are aligned.

Yes, it’s true that we make money by selling our tools and insights for a low monthly fee. But none of our research and insights are for aimless rumination or sensationalist click-bait. We put our money where our research is. We run a real portfolio with most of our savings that’s based entirely on the insights we publish on the site. So, we’re on the same High-Return-Low-Stress quest as our members.

Members have access to our portfolio. We’re not financial advisors, so we can’t tell our members to mimic our portfolio – some do, some don’t, the choice is entirely theirs. We’re just being as transparent is possible. Let’s put it this way – this is as real as a proof-of-concept gets, and that’s really the main intention of being transparent about our portfolio and transactions. Here’s how our portfolio has performed so far:

Please note:

  1. These numbers represent a real portfolio in which most of our savings are invested.
  2. These numbers are calculated by Bank of America, A Merrill Company – our brokers.
  3. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.
  4. We have gone through periods of relative underperformance. And it will probably happen again.
  5. Our portfolio performance numbers are published with the sole intent of transparency.

We know what we’re doing.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” – Warren Buffett

First and foremost, we like to minimize risk/stress/losses/anxiety when we invest. We prioritize loss avoidance. The best way to do that is to know what we’re doing – having a tight grip on what we’re invested in and why. For this, we rely on our experience.

We’ve spent decades in the trenches of Wall Street before we started The Buylyst. Our team is small but mighty – we have a career Research Analyst, a Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager, and a seasoned M&A Investment Banker in our core team. So, we’ve taken some punches in the professional arena over the past couple of decades – we’ve collected our fair share of medals and battle scars. Having said that, we’re life-long students. Everything we do at The Buylyst is a product of our experience AND our re-education, which we’ve documented in our Mental Models page. These are our guiding principles.  

One could argue that the culmination of our triumphs, scars, and our re-education is The Buycaster or our Portfolio performance. But the fact is that both are built upon a rock-solid Investment Methodology – this is our evergreen manifesto that keeps us centered and invested in things where we know what we’re doing. It has its fingerprints all over The Buycaster, The Buyscreener, The Buychecker, our Research & Analysis, and our Portfolio.

We – real people, not robots – are here to help.

Our members certainly appreciate that there is a real team with real people who are reachable by email if they have any questions about investing. Again, we’re not financial advisors, so we cannot (and will not) make direct recommendations to our members regarding their portfolios. In fact, we discourage our members from cherry-picking a stock or two from our portfolio and judging us based on the short-term performance of those stocks. But we’re happy to clarify what we’ve been doing with our money and why, and to answer any general questions about investing to the best of our ability.

Low Value-at-Risk.

We offer our tools and insights for a low monthly price. Members can cancel whenever they want. No harm, no foul. So, give us a shot. Let us do the heavy lifting for a month. In Wall Street parlance, your Value-at-Risk (VaR) is very low.  

When you sign up for a monthly subscription, you immediately get access to:

  1. The Buycaster
  2. The Buyscreener
  3. The Buychecker
  4. Our Research & Analysis
  5. Our Portfolio & Transactions
  6. A monthly long-form, deep-dive investment thesis
  7. Weekly insights via email
  8. Access to us by email for any questions on investing

We wish you many happy returns.

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