Future-Proof your
Equity Portfolio.

Our team will use our Rationality Tools to put together your Custom Portfolio Report full of rational, forward-looking, actionable insights. We'll do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to.

Here's how it works:

Let's use our Rationality Tools to balance your long-term return target against forward-looking risks.

Step 1: Portfolio Data

After a quick introductory call, we'll ask for your portfolio data - usually just stock and ETF tickers but some clients provide the respective portfolio weights on their own accord. Each engagement will include a Non-disclosure Agreement - we take your privacy very seriously.

Step 2: The Rationality Report

We take your equity portfolio and run in through our full suite of tools - the Buycaster, Bankcaster, and Fundcaster - to generate your Custom Portfolio Report with an overall Portfolio Rationality Rating. The report includes several actionable insights that build up to the rating, including "zones or irrationality" that we can eliminate.

Step 3: 1-on-1 Discussion

We're not financial advisors, so we don't make any investment recommendations. But we will answer any questions about the Custom Portfolio Report, so you can make informed decisions. This 1-on-1 call normally lasts for an hour. Ultimately, we want to you to be equipped with the tools and analysis you need to generate high returns while sleeping well at night.

The Rationality Rating
Rationality = Sanity + Safety

Our proprietary Rationality Rating answers the most important question: “Is it rational for me to expect my desired/target return from this stock or ETF?” It has 2 components: Sanity and Safety. Sanity digs into the business economics of the underlying company (or companies in an ETF or Fund) to answer another question: “what needs to happen in the business in the next few years for me to – rationally – expect my desired return. Safety then quantifies the cost of an erroneous decision made by believing the Sanity Rating.

What is Futureproofing?
Minimizing Thesis Risk.

Most Equity Risk Management tools are backward-looking, short-term oriented, needlessly statistical, divorced from fundamentals and, therefore, unusable. We quantify the most pertinent risk: potential long-term capital loss by overpaying for the stock. We call this "Thesis Risk". This is inherently forward-looking, long-term, fundamentals-based, and imminently actionable.

Future-Proof your Equity Portfolio.

Know your return drivers. Know your risks. Sleep well at night.

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