Investing in India: Priority List

Published on 07/02/18 | Saurav Sen | 1,796 Words

The BuyGist:

  • This numerical screening exercise is a continuation of two previous Worldviews on India: about the Indian Consumer Story and about the newly revived Indian Banking sector
  • This screener takes off where those two Worldviews stopped. 
  • The idea is to take the "working list" from those worldviews, and narrow down my options to one or two companies on which I can focus. 
  • Thankfully, there are 2 or 3 names that qualify as "comfortable companies" within the realm of The Buylyst's India thesis. 

Why this article?

This is a follow-up to the two previous India articles on the Consumer Story and on Banking, both written by Manab Sen. Both those articles ended with a “working list” of companies. This article will take over from there, and put that working list through a rough screener – both to eliminate the lemons, and to prioritize my time. Based on this “screening”, I will spend my time this week on one company.

The analysis is split in two broad sections, just like the India articles: The Consumer Story and The Banking Story. That’s because it’s tough to compare Retail/Manufacturing companies with Financial Institutions. The reporting is different; the variables are different. In Banking, for example, the equation for Revenue is not as simple as Price times Volume. The Banking part below is really a repeat of the last section of Investing in India: Can we bank on it?, but it helps to compile it all together.

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