Is Tesla investable now?

Published on 05/21/19 | Saurav Sen | 4,809 Words

The BuyGist:

  • We compare The Buylyst thesis from early 2018 to actual results. 
  • We analyze the Autos and Energy segment separately. 
  • We discuss the Autonomy play. 
  • We analyze if profitability is sustainable. 
  • And finally we stress-test numbers to answer the popular question: Can Tesla go bankrupt?

Why this article?

It’s been more than a year since I dove deep into Tesla. And a year is just about enough time to: 

  1. Test an investment thesis – is it playing out or not?
  2. Check if the company warrants a revaluation. 

This article will dive into a Tesla through the lens of The Buylyst thesis posted more than a year ago – what did I assumed back then versus what has actually happened since. With all the negative sentiment towards Tesla at the moment, the “value investor” in me sat up and took notice. Before I dig in, one thing about Tesla seems to have proven true over the last year: its stock overreacts wildly to any news – positive or negative. 

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