Invest in Progress

Published on 02/21/20 | Saurav Sen | 1,504 Words

The BuyGist:

  • We show a quick demonstration of our Portfolio Page.
  • We briefly discuss our rationale for Thematic Investing. 
  • You'll see that our Theme Filter tool in our Portfolio Page is very useful to know exactly where we're invested and why.
  • Use your knowledge, experience and work to your advantage. Let us do the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

21st century Growth Vectors distilled down to a Portfolio.

Our value offering to most investors is this: We distill inevitabilities of the 21st century down to a Buy List of easily executable investments. The bottom-line is that we offer a portfolio which, to us, screams Progress. Numerically, staying invested in Progress should translate to high returns over the long term.

What is “long-term? It means the next few decades. What are “high returns”? They are Returns that significantly outperform the S&P 500 – the simplest Passive Investing strategy of all – by a big margin. We expect our investments in Progress Growth Vectors to act as massive tailwinds to our clear, concise, focused Portfolio.

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