Investing in VR - Real Numbers

Published on 03/19/19 | Saurav Sen | 1,470 Words

The BuyGist:

  • This is a continuation from Investing in Virtual Reality
  • The screening is done based on the principles explained in Coffee and Cash Flow.
  • We started with 13 candidates. 
  • 8 deserved a closer look. 
  • 3 showed some upside potential right away.
  • 1 made the cut. The other 2 will be analyzed if time permits.
  • Hint: Facial Recognition.

Virtual Selection

This exercise is meant to take the list of companies that were identified in Investing in Virtual Reality and narrow down the choices to that one super-candidate. The list was long, so it deserved some transparency. Hence the article. The data below is collected based on the principles laid out in Coffee and Cash Flow. Once I looked at the numbers, I superimposed some superficial qualitative data points to arrive at a final working list.

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